Ace bassist Bryan Bellerappears on guitar
wizard Joe Satriani's new album,
Shockwave Supernova,
to be released in
the UK on 24 July via Sony Music/Legacy
Recordings. Beller will also be touring
with Joe on a nine-date UK tour from 1
November at the O2 Manchester Apollo,
alongside special guest Dan Patlansky. Go
see him!
All-time session bass great Mo Foster has
checked in with
for an update on
what he's been up to, telling us: “In 2011
the University of Sussex, my alma mater,
celebrated its 50th birthday. I put a band
together for a reunion concert. At the start of
the show, one of the singers announced that
we had been asked to play something out of
the charts. 'No problem,' he said, 'every song
tonight has been out of the charts for over
40 years'.” You're killing us, Mo.
The great man continues: “Linda
Hoyle, who just happened to be visiting
England, joined us onstage that night and
sang a couple of songs. She had been the
lead singer in my early 70s jazz-rock band
Affinity, who were managed by Ronnie
Scott. In early 1971 the band split, and Linda
recorded a solo album called
Pieces Of
(vinyl copies of this LP now change hands
for over £1,000). The reunion sparked her
desire to perform again, and she and I began
writing and recording.”
He adds: “The project was made slightly
difficult because I live in London, England
and Linda lives in London, Ontario, but it's
one of those albums that had to be made -
simply because it's a little piece of art. And
it's been great fun. It took a year's planning,
culminating in two intense weeks in a studio
in Canada, but I really feel that this is the
best album I have ever produced. A CD of the
album, called
The Fetch,
will be released on
Angel Air Records in August. Do you think
it would be possible to give the CD a mention
in the magazine?” Consider it done, that man!
Pic by Christie Goodwin
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