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play through the same arpeggios
in 11/8 and 5/4. See if you can
get through all of them without
getting lost. Navigating a chart
featuring multiple meters can
be challenging, even when it's a
simple practice example like this.
Example 3
shows a short
phrase using more seventh
chord arpeggios in C major. The
first half of the example is two
measures of 7/8 and a bar of 5/4.
The second half of the example
is the same phrase superimposed
over 4/4. If you've been using
an eighth-note click to practise
these exercises, switch it
to quarter note for the 4/4
sections. This will help you get
the feel for playing phrases that
go over the bar.
Example 4
we'll make
things even more challenging
by working through a longer
phrase that features all three
of the odd meters we've been
working with, plus a measure
of 4/4 at the end. After you've
become familiar with the phrase
by playing through the first half
of the example, you can try the
whole thing again over 4/4 in
the second half. You'll be playing
over the bar throughout, and
often off the beat, until the final
bars where things start to line up
again. Nailing this will require
plenty of concentration, so get
focused and give it a shot.
This will be my last entry for
the intermediate theory column
Bass Guitar Magazine.
had a fantastic time writing it,
and I hope you all have found
it useful and enjoyable. I'm
also extremely grateful to Joel
and everyone at
for the
opportunity to contribute, it's
been an honour. I'm confident
they'll find an excellent
replacement for me, and I
look forward to making other
contributions to the magazine in
the future. Until then, practise
hard and have fun!
Thanks to Alex from all at
for his excellent work. Keep an eye
for him on our front cover in a
forthcoming issue.
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