Musk To Your Ears
Bass Strings • inspired by 4,000+ Bass Players
Improved Performance - Enhanced Playing Experience
• A m ore durable NANOW EB'1
coating,* exclusively fo r bass, that endures
even hard-hitting attacks
• O ptim ised tension profiles, flexibility and feel
Extended and Refined Range
• Full line of coated round w ound bass strings in a range of gauges, w rap
m etals and scale lengths
• NEW 4-S tring and 5-S tring sets in S tainless Steel and Nickel Plated Steel
• A w ide selection of single strings to custom ise your ow n set
Great Tone - Long Life
E lix ir
S trings is still the only brand to coa t the entire string - protecting not
only the ou ter string surface, but also the gaps betw een the w indings.
As a result,
E lix ir
S trings retain the ir tone longer than any other bass string,
uncoated or coated.**
Find out more and spread the word about your playing experience
‘compared to original
Stnngs player survey
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