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Stuart Hamm
One of the world's most
inventive, technical, melodic
- and oh yes, friendly! - bass
players on the planet, Stu Hamm
is one of a kind. Joel McIver
asks the questions, while Stuart
Clayton supplies a bunch of
essential Hamm-style exercises
Bill Wyman
The Stone Alone opens up
about his new album and Bass
Centre signature bass, grilled at
his Sticky Fingers restaurant by
Paul Trynka
Studio Talk:
Wolfgang Van Halen
WVH (for it is he) talks about
his bass playing on the new
Tremonti album
Markus Grosskopf,
Helloween's bass player reveals
the bass philosophy behind the
Teutonic metal
Grog Rox, Die So Fluid
Sessions with Mel C and beyond? Mike Brooks investigates
Cody Wright
Funk with a pick? You heard that right, says Stuart Clayton
Nigel Harrison, Blondie
Freddy Villano says he's making plans for Nigel
Daniel Firth, Cradle Of Filth
Suitably Filthy bass tones from Suffolk's own devil-
worshippers as we chat about new album,
Hammer O f
The Witches
Want tips from
professional bassists who
actually need to play to pay
their bills? Get your real-life
bass advice here
7 2 E lle n O'Reilly
Subdividing beats
with beginners' guru Ellen
7 4 ^ a u l Geary
goodies explored by resident
superbassist Geary
7 C R o b Statham
Prof Statham plays
open strings - and great
things happen
7 0 A l e x Webster
Bass ninja Webster
bids us farewell with a
meters roundup
O f l f
8 U
I Franc O'Shea
More fantastic fusion
time for Franc. Where will
he take us?
Philip Mann
spiritualist Mann conjures
up ghost notes
8 6 l
Upright Citizen
Schwarzenegger-style levels
of finger strength
8 8
Mike Brooks
Covers band pro
Brooks examines the pros
and cons of tribute bands
Steve Lawson
Effects Sith Lord
Lawson moves into
uncharted territory
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