ehold our world-beating bass gear review section, where
we bring you the crop of each month's new, interesting or
otherwise relevant bass guitars, bass amplifiers, bass speakers
and bass effects. Occasionally we'll review a guitar effect if
it's particularly useful for bassists, and we'll test recording
equipment and general accessories every now and then as
well, but generally speaking, this zone is for bass-specific gear.
We take the ratings that we give each item very seriously.
is the only print magazine devoted to bass in this country, and we
have readers from all over the world, so we're responsible about our
conclusions. If a product is worth your investigation, we'll say so; if
it's flawed in some way, we won't hold back from making that clear.
We're not beholden to advertisers in any way and our conclusions
are entirely independent of the views of manufacturers, musicians
and distributors.
When you read about a bass-related product here, you know you're
getting a sensible, balanced review from an experienced bass tester.
Value for money is at the top of our agenda in these cash-strapped
times, but on the other hand, we believe in paying for quality.
Right, that's enough from me. Remember, this is just about the only
place that it's good to have GAS!*
Joel McIver, editor
*GAS = Gear Acquisition Syndrome (a malaise often suffered by bass
Diam ond Halo Chorus
Schecter S tiletto Stealth and Vintage
Pigtronix PXBOD FAT D rive,
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C Philosopher Bass
Com pressor and PXBEP
Envelope Phaser
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