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ur new album,
Hammier Of The Witches,
has a
very different line-up to the previous record
(The Manticore And Other Horrors,
2012), so
there's a different bank of writers and we've
all been contributing, so it's a real band
effort. I used a Sansamp plugin to record my
bass parts, although I think it was reamped
by the producer afterwards. I used Schecter Hellraiser Extreme
basses, which I endorse. They're five-strings: I started off on a
four-string and moved to a five, and after that, I didn't miss four-
strings. We tune to D standard, so I tune the whole thing down a
step. I use the Sansamp for live performances too: I go straight into
the desk with it, and in fact it would be pretty crazy to bring a bass
amp and cab out with you on tour these days. Cradle are booked
up until the festival season, we're doing at least eight or nine in
Europe - and we're off to the Philippines this week, which is a
first for the band. It's an exciting time for us.
I joined Cradle before the
album from a band
called Man Must Die. I've been in a few bands over the years,
but Man Must Die was the first professional one. I was in
a Misfits tribute band too, which was a laugh: I just played
fast and aggressive and that was all I needed to do. I was
recording a Man Must Die single with Cradle's producer
Scott Atkins, and they asked him to recommend someone,
so he recommended me. They trusted Scott's word, so it was
just a case of exchanging a couple of emails with them and I
was in the band.
My main influences on bass are Steve Harris and Geddy
Lee, although I'm generally not fingerstyle. I do a bit from
time to time but there's so much demand for all the really
fast pick stuff that I haven't had much time to devote to
fingerstyle. Like them, I spend a lot of time making the bass
parts complementary to the drums wherever possible.
There are some really interesting bass parts in Cradle Of Filth - some
cool melodic stuff as well as the fast lines. There's a high-register bass
part in 'Her Ghost In The Fog', for example, which is great to play live
because it gives the bass a moment to shine. The bass can sometimes get
a bit lost in the double bass drums in extreme metal! Coming from a guitar
background as I do, it's not too hard to play those things: when you're
playing bass with a pick in this genre of music, it's a little bit like playing
the guitar anyway.
.. ■■
Hammer Of The Witches
is out now on Nuclear Blast.
Info: www.cradleoffilth.com
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