Renowned amp makers Tec Amp, currently celebrating its
30th year in business, are among many cool bass-related
products currently available for your perusal at Bass Direct in
Warwick, alongside eminently playable new Pedulla basses
and Taurus amps. Tell Mark Stickley we sent you!
Info: www.bassdirect.co.uk
Dennis Dunaway, the original bassist and co-songwriter for Alice Cooper, is issuing an
autobiography called
Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! M y Adventures In The Alice Cooper
co-written with Chris Hodenfield, in June. “As teenagers in Phoenix, Dennis Dunaway
and lead singer Vince Furnier, who would later change his name to Alice Cooper, formed a
hard-knuckles band that played prisons, cowboy bars and teen clubs,” says the press release.
“Their journey took them from Hollywood to the ferocious Detroit music scene, along the
way adding new dimensions of rock theatre.” Alice Cooper himself says of the memoir that it
“carries readers into Dennis's own private surrealistic world”
Info: www.dennisdunaway.com
We're sad to report the death of Craig
Gruber, best known for his work with
Ronnie James Dio and Rainbow, from
prostate cancer. Aged 63, Gruber amassed a
serious row of live and studio credits with
Elf, Gary Moore and Black Sabbath.
Barrie Cree at Bass Gear in Twyford tells
us that BG has just become a Warwick
dealer. “Our first six basses are already
on their way from the new, made-in-
Germany Pro Series. We have Corvettes,
Streamers and Star basses coming,” he says.
“We will also be offering custom build
German instruments.” Exciting times for
fans of Warwick, then - and keep an eye
out for Pro Series reviews in these pages.
Warwick tells us: “As of this summer,
Warwick now offers the all new
German Pro Series, which consists of
excellent 'Teambuilt & Made in Germany'
instruments, at an affordable price. The
complete know-how which the Warwick
Custom Shop has built up over 30 years in
Markneukirchen embodies this exciting
new series of electric basses. All of these
instruments are produced in Germany
from the finest materials and with the best
possible production methods. Only the
very best machines in the world are used
to carve these extraordinary bass guitars.”
Watch this space!
Info: www.bassgear.co.uk
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