Sometime Guns N'Roses, Velvet Revolver, Loaded and Walking
Papers bassist and living
legend Duff McKagan has his second book
out on Da Capo Press as we speak. Titled
H ow To Be A Man (And
O ther Illusions),
the book compiles some of his previously published
magazine columns on the subject of manliness and adds some hair-
raising stories, those that were left over from his previous title
So Easy (And O ther Lies)
anyway. Those keen on the first book, in
which McKagan details his life as bass monster for GNR, as well as
the booze habit which led to him drinking 10 bottles of wine a day
and a pancreas that literally exploded inside him, will thoroughly
enjoy the second effort. An EP, also titled
H ow To be A Man
accompanies the book release and features fellow Guns alumnus
Izzy Stradlin and Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell.
On the subject of books, as we reported in our last issue, the late
Free bassist Andy Fraser completed a memoir called
All Right Now:
Life, Death And Life Again.
This has now been published by Foruli
Codex and can now be ordered online or at bookstores.
Peter Hook & The Light returned to Christ Church, Macclesfield on
May 18 to perform the
complete works of Joy Division. The show
sold out in record time, with tickets fully allocated in less than eight
minutes when they went on sale in late March. The three-hour
show was recorded by Live Here Now and will be released as a triple
CD, with profits going to the Epilepsy Society and the Churches
Conservation Trust. On 30 October, Hook and his band will perform
the Joy Division material once again at the Manchester Academy,
during a tour on which Hook will be revisiting music from his other
former band, New Order.
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