I could spend hours playing this bass: it's just so
comfortable, and the woody, organic sound responds
so well to certain playing styles, especially if you
start to dig in, which brings out a different harmonic
emphasis to your notes. Acoustically, the low B-string
stands out incredibly well, and just getting a feel for
this bass highlights how vibrant and resonant it truly
is - a good sign. The instrument feels very slinky to
play and, despite the fingerboard broadening the higher
you go, the shallow neck, depth accommodates this so
there is no strain on the fretting hand.
Plugging in, the first thing that hits you is the quality
of tonal response and consistent string volume across
all five strings: the D and G string are particularly
lively. With a lot of natural spring and resonance,
the EQ works well in rounding out the tone and
giving the signal some extra body and power, while
the mid-EQ provides some extra presence. The
mid-selector switch adds some additional colour and
well be for you. The four-bolt neck, pocket is tight, which
helps make the whole instrument vibrant, with a natural
bounce, although the simple, functional bridge unit only
facilitates through-bridge stringing. The neck, is furnished
with oval abalone front position markers and white side dots,
while an angled jack, socket has been fitted into the body instead
of a side-fitted or front-mounted socket. Black, hardware has
been used throughout to complement the simple look, of this
particular model, and the tuners work, smoothly enough. Some
of the control layout knobs (volume, pickup pan, three-band EO)
felt a little loose, although that's nothing a quid: tighten with a
screwdriver won't solve.
Many players will be enticed by the SR's slim proportions
and extreme playability, and there's no doubt that it
will suit players looking for a five-string with little
bulk or excessive weight. It may lack frills and gloss in
terms of finishing, but it has bags of tone, and a lot to
offer the player in terms of playability. At this pocket-
friendly price, I can't imagine too many players being
disappointed with this bass.
differentiation: the 250Hz setting provides a darker character,
while the 600Hz setting offers a brighter, throatier baric The bass
is capable of a really good range of usable tones to suit all styles of
playing and it has plenty of life in its tonal delivery, although the
slap sound is particularly woody with a noticeable thump in the
bottom end. Top end percussiveness requires quite a bit
of treble boost, but the circuit works well with these
Bartolini pickups, no question.
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