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Divinity Roxx
Bringing the funk like a
woman possessed, Divinity Roxx
is a force to be reckoned with.
Mike Brooks meets her for a
chat about all things rhythmic,
whether it's low notes or hip-hop
Peter John Jackson, Let It Be
The Let It Be musical in
London's West End sees a gang
of fearsomely talented musicians
tackle the Beatles' catalogue.
Joel McIver meets Peter John
Jackson, whose McCartney
devotion even led him to switch
to playing left-handed.
Frankfurt Musikmesse report
Behind the scenes at
Mitteleuropa's very own MI trade
event. Steve Harvey samples a
whole bunch of essential beer -
we mean, gear
Doug Wimbish's Wimbash
Ellen O'Reilly catches up
with the mighty Wimbish as his bass event comes to Ramsgate
Merv Goldsworthy, FM
British AOR rockers FM are on a mighty roll, says bassist
Merv Goldsworthy
Lee Sklar
Mike Brooks meets the man behind the beard for the chat of a
lifetime - a lifetime spent at the top end of the low end
Rob Scallon
Youtube sensation Scallon tells a frankly jealous Mclver how
viral internet clips mean he never has to work.
.. ever.
.. again
Want tips from
professional bassists who
actually need to play to pay
their bills? Get your real-life
bass advice here
7 2 E lle n O'Reilly
Sight-reading skill
can be yours thanks to
beginners' guru Ellen
7 4
Paul Geary
tapping made easy by Nik
Kershaw's bassist Geary
Rob Statham
Obi-Wan Statham
digs into natural harmonics
7 0 A l e x Webster
Webster reveals the
full glory that is 5/4
8 0 ,
Franc o'Shea
It's fusion time for
Franc. Watch the great
man go
8 4 P h iliP Mann
The melodic minor
made easy by our Mann at
the scene
8 6 1
! Upright Citizen
Getting around the
double bass fingerboard
with minimum effort
8 8
Mike Brooks
Covers band pro
Brooks selects the tools for
the job
Steve Lawson
Lawson has the pow-
ahhhhhh! Plug and play
with our chap
0 0 5
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