ISSUE 118 JUNE 2015
EDITOR Joel Mclver,
SUB-EDITOR Nick Robbins
T E c H N Ic A L c O N SU LT A N
Stuart Clayton
c o n t r i b u t o r
Bob Battersby, Dutf
Battye, Andy Baxter, Nick Beggs, Je ff Berlin,
Jam ie Blaine, Silvia Bluejay, Mike Brooks, Dave
Clarke, Stuart Clayton, Ben Cooper, Joe Daly,
Jon D'Auria, David Etheridge, Christopher Evans,
Mike Flynn, Paul Geaiy, Ian Glasper, Ruth Goller,
Spencer Grady, Paolo Gregoletto, Chris Hanby,
Steve Harvey, Joe Hubbard, Andy Hughes, Ken
Hunt, Kevin Johnson, Steve Lawson, Phil Mann,
Lee Marlow, Michael McKeegan, Stewart
McKinsey, Greg Moffitt, Chris Mugan, Ellen
O'Reilly, Franc O'Shea, Harry Paterson, Nik
Preston, Raz Rauf, Alison Richter, Steven Rosen,
Kevin Sanders, Amit Sharma, Joe Shooman,
Rob Statham, Jon Thorne, Freddy Villano, Alex
Webster, Sam Wise
A D v E R T IS IN G SALES Guy Meredith
G R A p H Ic D E S IG
Steve D aw son
A d D E S IG I
M att Smith
W e s Stanton
Dave Deo
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b la z P (b
ummer time, and the
living is easy, eh? Well,
it is when you get to
hang out with bassists
of the quality of those
in this issue.
.. First
up is the amazing Divinity
Roxx, a prolific solo artist as
well as session ace with the
likes of Beyonce Knowles.
Technically astounding as
well as a feel player with more
groove than a box of 78rpm
LPs, Divinity rocked the
crowds at the recent London
Bass Guitar Show, and her
interview will do that all over again when you read it. Hip-hop
and funk legend Doug Wimbish, session supremo Lee Sklar and
rock monster Merv Goldsworthy also share their wisdom in
these hallowed pages, but we like to portray the bass world as
an evolving environment away from the studio wherever we
can - so we also meet Rob Scallon, Youtube sensation, and Peter
Joe Jackson, the Let It Be musical bassist whose McCartney
impression is uncanny.
It's the sheer variety of the bass world which keeps us
enthralled, issue after issue, and this continues to be reflected in
our reviews section, which runs from a 10-string bass (yep, you
read that right) costing almost £3,000 to an effects pedal which
will set you back a fraction of that price. The same goes for our
renowned tuition section, where professionals from the bass
world devote a career's worth of expertise towards our common
goal - making you a better bass player. Enjoy this issue, and stay
on the low frequencies!
Joel Mclver, editor
Bee Queen Bee Singlecut 10-string
Bee Queen Bee Singlecut
Ten strings, eh? Get over it.
.. this
is a high-flying queen of a bass,
we say
Ibanez SR605
Mike Brooks road-tests this
slick five
Phil Jones M 300 head and
5 6
12B cab
Kev Sanders investigates a
compact rig with a difference
Nemphasis FX
Three of the best under
review, or more accurately,
under the
Barefaced Big Baby 2 cab
Sanders gives this high-
volume infant a cuddle
Morley Power Fuzz
Michael McKeegan
recreates the spirit of Cliff
Burton with this mighty wah
0 0 4
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