Music To Your Ears
Bass Strings • inspired by 4,000+ Bass Players
Im p ro v e d P e rfo rm a n c e - E n ha n ced P la yin g E xp e rie n ce
• A more durable NANOWEB-’ coating,* exclusively for bass, that endures
even hard-hitting attacks
• Optimised tension profiles, flexibility and feel
E xten de d a nd R e fin e d R ange
• Full line of coated round wound bass strings in a range of gauges, wrap
metals and scale lengths
• NEW 4-String and 5-String sets in Stainless Steel and Nickel Plated Steel
• A wide selection of single strings to customise your own set
G reat Tone - Long L ife
Strings is still the only brand to coat the entire string - protecting not
only the outer string surface, but also the gaps between the windings.
As a result,
Strings retain their tone longer than any other bass string,
uncoated or coated.**
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**E h x ir
S trin g s p la ye r survey
GORE. ELIXIR. N A N O W EB. PO LYW EB. GREAT TO NE LO NG LIFE. • « ' Ico n, an d o th e r de sig n s a m tra d e m a rk s o f W.
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ELX-4S 6-A D V -E N -A P R 15
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