is available in both 300 and 500 watt versions, each
featuring balanced DI and line level outputs, as well as the
funky 'pics only' styling. The 300-watt version weighs
9.5kg, the 500-watt version 10.1kg.
Markbass continued the trend for powerful micro-
heads by launching the Nano Mark 300, the Little Mark
Ninja and the Bass Multiamp. The Nano Mark 300 is
Markbass's smallest head to date and has been designed
with ultimate portability in mind, measuring only 20cm
wide. Functionality is simple with six rotary controls
(Gain, Low, Mid Low, Mid High, High and Master), an
input and on/off switch.
The Little Mark Ninja, as used by Richard Bona,
packs a whopping 1000 watts thanks to the installation
of MBPT (Markbass Proprietary Technology). Again,
portability is top-notch, with the unit fitting easily into
a standard rucksack. For the gigging musician, particularly someone in a function band,
having a multitude of sounds to hand is a real godsend. The Multiamp offers a vast array
of virtual bass amps - modern and vintage - studio and stompbox effects, speaker cabs
and microphones, all in a tidy, rack-mountable package. Markbass reports that firmware
updates, new items and tones will continue to be released and will be available for
download/upload later this year.
EBS launched a host of new products, among which is the lightweight Magni 500
bass combo series - a complete new line of professional bass combos based on the award
winning Reidmar amp design. The Magni 500 is available in two configurations, the 210
(2x10 plus tweeter) and the 115 (1x15 plus tweeter). Both use an amp section consisting of
an all-analogue preamp with a lightweight power amp section, feature a balanced XLR
output with ground lift, and come with a protective cover.
EBS also released a batch of new and improved effects pedals under the Black Label
banner. With new livery, the six new and revised
pedals (MultiComp, DynaVerb, UniChorus,
OctaBass, MetalDrive and MultiDrive)
boast sonic improvements and design
features including jumbo-sized LED
lights, improved protection against
electrical spikes and surges, a change
from 9v to 12v DC power and optimised
signals for studio use.
While the Winter NAMM in
California is undoubtedly the place
where the majority of the forthcoming
year's gear is released, the raft of gear
released at this year's Musikmesse
proves that Frankfurt remains a key
date in the bass player's calendar. In
case you fancy it, the organisers have
recently announced that next year's
show will be open to the public across all
four days. You could catch a nine o'clock
flight, spend the day at the show, and
still be back home for
Later With Jools
just a thought.
Studio Edition
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