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With so many balls to juggle as a bandleader,
Divinity is as critical of her playing as the rest
of us are about our own - but she's level-headed
enough to cut herself some slack if something isn't
quite clicking. “I had an issue yesterday when I
was playing,” she says, “I was thinking, 'Damn, my
rhythm is really off today, what is wrong with me?',
but I had to fight through it and keep playing. You
have to fix it, figure out in your mind how to fix it
and go for it. I don't really worry about it. Touring
with Victor Wooten taught me that too. When you
think a show sucked, everyone loves it. My
advice to players starting out would be to play
as many different types of music as you
can, expand your musical vocabulary with
musical knowledge, listen to stuff that you
don't necessarily like and find something
in it. It will expand your brain. Play songs,
because song structure is really important,
especially if you want to become a songwriter.
Understand what other cats are doing: you
emulate other people first then you find your own
voice. As a rapper you do the same thing, you learn
everyone else's rhymes and verses and then you
start to have your own."
It looks like being a very busy 2015 for Divinity,
as she is quid: to divulge. “There's a new album
in the pipeline called
and we've been
thinking about starting a campaign. The song we've
just released is called 'We Are', and the concept of
that song is that there is so much happening
in the world that's pretty jacked up, and we
all complain about it - the politics, money,
gas prices and war. I had a professor at college
called June Jordan who wrote a poem called 'We
Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For' which
said we are the only ones who can change what
we're complaining about. If we shift some of our
mentality about what is going on in the world, by
helping each other in small ways, we can start this
'random acts of kindness' campaign, where you
just randomly do something great for somebody
- something small, it doesn't matter what it is.
I helped an older lady at the airport the other
day to get her case across the street: it was
too heavy for her and no one was going to
help her, so I offered to help and she was
so grateful for that. She probably wouldn't
have expected someone like me to do
that - so I think, we can all do those lands
of things to try and malm life better for
Take heed readers - this woman means
business! ■ ■
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