I can achieve my bass-lines on four strings. I don't need a
C-string for solos, because I love the sound of that four-string
range: I leave the higher range for guitar or organ. For the low
stuff, I try to do as much as possible with a Hipshot. I don't
want to be busy with dampening a fifth string to gain five more
half tones. Besides fingerstyle, slapping can be a plus, when it
fits the song. W ith solos I am inspired by percussion or drums.
On my
Z oohead
EP, I also play slap features over 5/16, 7/16 and
3/4. I like to be inventive with it and create new grooves. I like
to play tight, punchy and funky. The secret of playing bass well
is catching the whole groove of the song, and how the bass-line
is one part of it, even if you only play a note on the one. The
right note at the right time can lift up a song and a wrong note
can make it lame. True music comes from the inside. Express
who you truly are from the inside to the outside. Don't adapt
your inside to the image you want to create on the outside. I
just released the
EP. It has new funk and dancehall
beats, with the bass as the front voice. It features a new
approach on the wide range of rhythmical meters.
My bass style is versatile, punchy, groovy, and classic. I always like
to complement and follow my bandmates, and make the mix sound
rich, thick and solid. I play five-string bass. I like to enhance with
that fat low end that the fifth string brings me. It comes in really
handy when you want to make those notes below the E string
fatter. I slap every now and then. I'm actually starting to incorporate
some slap lines into my death metal bands, to enhance some drum
and guitar accents. Practise enough until you feel that the strings
are part of your fingers and the fretboard is another limb in your
body. My first bass was a black Yamaha BB300, bought in the
summer of 2000, when I was 15 years old. My favourite basses ever
to date are my Fender Marcus Miller five-string and my Warwick
Corvette $$. My bass heroes are Cliff Burton, Tony Levin, Geezer
Butler, Jaco Pastorius, Steve Harris, Stanley Clarke, John Patitucci,
Flea, Louis Johnson, Chris Squier - and any good drummer
around! I play in Broken Hope and Disgorge (USA). Broken Hope
is writing a new album and playing European and US festivals.
Disgorge (USA) is in the writing process as well, and performing on
Knotfest 2015.
My bass style is an earthquake of ignorance. I like to make
things as simple as possible and filter the riffs through tons of
distortion. The secret of playing bass well is relative. What is
playing well for me is surely something different to other bass
players. My first bass was a Warwick. My favourite bass ever to
date is my Rickenbacker. My bass heroes are Sid Vicious, John
Paul Jones, Paul Simonon, Roger W aters and Paul McCartney.
If I could get the bass tone of any album ever released, I would
.. nobody! I don't want to seem pretentious, but I'd
surely prefer to keep mine. There are a lot of great tones, but I
love the thundering bass sound I have developed through the
years and I'd never change it with another sound. I would like
to play a bass riff deep at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.
Ufomammut has recently released its seventh album,
out on Neurot Recordings.
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