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Andy Lewis.
Paul Weller Band
Is it mod? Is it soul? Is it just
cool? Whatever it is that bassist
extraordinaire Andy Lewis is
laying down with the greatest
man ever to come out of a mod
power trio, we like it. Joel Mclver
gets the full low-down from the
man with the Rickenbacker
О O Paul Turner. Jam
U With not one but two
projects keeping him going while
Jamiroquai take time out, Paul
Turner is one busy bassist, he
tells Mike Brooks
ПП Aguilar HQ
U L Brooksy heads to Brooklyn,
now there’s a headline.
.. With
amps, effects and pickups to
die for and a work ethic that is
second to none. Aguilar reveals
all as we head behind the scenes
Tanya O
Irish-born. California-
bound: session guru Tanya talks the low life with Joe Daly
Д П Brian Weaver. We Are Harlot
■ U Brian talks bass and how it fits into the mighty WAH (only old
rockers will get that joke)
Д OGuto Pryce, Super Furry Animals
As well as talking SFA. Guto tells Christopher Evans about his
new project, Gulp
Л C John Lodge. Moody B
■ U Alison Richter quizzes the Lodge master about his new
solo album
UFour pro bassists,
laying down the low tones
out there on the live circuit.
Want to make it as a bass
player? Then listen up
lO E IIe n O'Reilly
Stave off the sight-
reading blues with your
friendly guide Ellen
/[P au l Geary
■ Pitch in with Nik
Kershaw’s bassist Geary
"7 C R o b Statham
/ U
Statham likes to
turn the tap on. Dive in,
it’s groovy
"7 0 Alex Webster
О Turn to Webster's
bass dictionary for a lesson
in 11/8
8 0
Franc O'Shea
Fancy a rake? Course
you do. Bass ninja Franc
sweeps up
О Д Philip
■ 'What’s wrong with
being sextuplet?” asks the
great Mann
О G Upright Citizen
Double bass maestro
Etheridge on clefs and how
they bedevil us
8 8
Mike Brooks
More Johnny
Depping’ advice. Sorry but
that term is too funny not
to re-use
9 0
Steve Lawson
FX legend Lawson
seeks the ultimate signal
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