о you think you know what to expect of Paul Turner, first call
session ace, groovemeister extraordinaire from the
Jamiroquai hotseat, and purveyor of all things funky? Well,
you might be a little surprised by some of the projects he’s
been getting his hands dirty with while Jamiroquai singer Jay
Kay continues a hiatus between albums. We joined Paul for a
chat in his home studio, to discuss exactly what's been
keeping him busy of late.
“I've just finished the second album with the Dark Sinatras,
Happy Fam
is quite a different thing for me.” he tells BGM. “The bandleader and vocalist, Mark
White, was living at Hook End Studios when Jamiroquai recorded their last album
there and he invited me to work on a new project he was starting. I was keen to have
a listen, although I wasn't sure I was the right guy at the start: it’s very heavy and
progressive, and I found it a challenge.”
Signing up despite his reservations. Turner became fully involved in the Dark
Sinatras’ recording process.
basically blocked out
a week and recorded the first album,” he remembers.
"We had a lovely routine of learning a song in this big
room, wheeling the amps and drums into the booths,
recording it and having some lunch. Then we'd wheel
them back in. and learn and record another song, so
it was very much a live rock project. That went well
and came out back in 2012. The natural thing was to
record a second album and I’ve had more input this
time. It’s very much a live take’ kind of project as a trio,
and then Mark adds his vocals, and it's very eclectic -
scarily heavy, even!"
If there was ever an album that can't be
pigeonholed, this could well be it. Even Paul struggles
to classify it.
.. "There are shades of Primus and
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