The Great British Bass Lounge in Manchester has become an
authorised Rickenbacker dealer and, in addition to Ricky basses,
will offer accessories and spares. Drew Dempster, owner of GBBL,
comments: “This is a very exciting development for us and further
proof of our ever-strengthening position as a specialist bass retailer
in the UK. I've had a long time love affair with Rickenbackers since
I started playing over 30 years ago. My first bass was a Mapleglo
4001” The business has placed orders for all models across the
Rickenbacker range, including the rarer 4004 Cheyenne and Laredo
models as well as the imminent new 4003S, and is currently taking
advance orders for stock expected to arrive over spring and summer.
Every month we tell you the bass-line we can't stop listening to
Track: '5 Minutes Alone'
Rex Brown
Far Beyond Driven
There's something about Rex Brown's
playing that elevates it beyond most
of his metal peers. He has chops when
he needs them, a tone that is fat but
nasty, and his lines are as tight as a
gnat's chuff! Pounding out the main riff,
adding some tasty bends, and throwing in some tasty fills under
the guitar solo, Rex is at his best here.
Ampeg have announced the release of the SCR-DI Bass DI with
Scrambler Overdrive, combining a classic Ampeg preamp, EQ
pedal and overdrive stompbox. “The SCR-DI is the most bass-
friendly DI ever created,” says Ampeg product manager Zane
Williams. “It delivers a huge range of classic Ampeg tones, it's
an EQ pedal, and it's got fantastic overdrive. It's got everything
a performing bass player needs. It's great to be able to practise
with the same gear you use when performing. The SCR-DI is
perfect for silent practice on the road or at home. You know you
will always have the tone you want, no matter where you are
playing” Expect to pay around $279.99, American chums: for
everyone else, we'll get you UK info when we have it.
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