GHS Strings has announced a new range of
Round Core Bass Boomers and Crossovers
for four to six strings. According to the
company, the new Boomers offer a full-
frequency sound with well-balanced,
generous low mids and clear, soft high
ends. Their round core gives improved
definition when played through an
amp, making them sing on the stage,
in the studio or at rehearsal. As for the
Crossovers, designed specifically for the
NS Design NXT and CR series of electric
upright basses, a nickel/iron alloy has
been wound over a round core and then
micro-ground to give the strings a deep
and focused fundamental tone. Suitable
for bowing, these new bass strings are
available as four- and five-string sets.
Bass tutor extraordinaire
Simon Goulding has
offered four readers the
chance to win his
W orkshop Volume 1
and 2
e-books. Look out
for reviews in the next
issue of
but in the
meantime, scoop one
by answering this easy-
peasy question.
Google Simon and
you'll see him playing a
signature Yamaha six-
string. Whose signature?
Frank Bello
Nathan East
Nate Mendel
Answers to www.
com/competition or the
usual postal address by
18 May.
Simon Kent takes home Horace Panter's art book. Thanks to all who entered.
Mike Brooks writes: “My beloved 1999 Stingray has always been a
sound performer but for some time, I had been a little disappointed
with the solidity of its bass response, which I felt was a little mushy
compared to a late 80s Stingray I had once owned. The midrange
was also rather extreme in certain situations. Two years ago, I fitted
a John East MMSR circuit which gave me more control over the
tone-shaping, and the results were very good but I still felt that the
pickup was letting the instrument down. So I took, the plunge and
fitted an Aguilar AG4M pickup - and the bass has been transformed
in no uncertain terms.
“The age-old problem with D and G string volume consistency
has now been replaced with a vibrant, harmonically rich signal
of considerable volume across all four strings. The
magnet pole pieces are flush flat with the pickup
casing and installation was relatively easy - a
soldered rather than modular connection
being preferred by the guys at Aguilar. The
legendary Stingray tone has changed over the
years as the circuitry and components have
been tweaked here and there. However, the
powerful lows, throaty mids and ear-shattering
treble response that we would immediately associate
with the model have been restored and improved
upon, to my ear, and the East circuit has
benefited from this as well.
“That's not to say that the bass has
been supercharged to the point of being
unrecognisable: simply that the natural
characteristics that I would expect to hear have been emphasised
in a very pleasing way. Coming in with a RRP of £115, I can
highly recommend this pickup to those looking for a MM
humbucker replacement.”
In other Aguilar news, the company has just announced a
new range of Super Double pickups, available for four-, five- and
six-string basses and featuring two rows of Alnico five-pole
pieces. Paired with Aguilar's OBP-1, 2 or 3 onboard preamp, Aguilar
tell us, bassists will have an “aggressive and rich” tone palette. Let's
have some!
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