pick, 45 to 100 strings, so I think it's more the intensity.
If I play F sharp, that's like the last resort. I can't get
louder than F sharp for some reason!
like in 'Metal Heart', like a 'Holy Diver' type of deal, where the bass really sits well.
In the new era, 'Teutonic Terror', the bass beginning is pretty cool. And in 'Final
Journey' I played a really cool thing with Wolf and the guitar and the bass before
the solo kicks in. It's like a double thing: we're doing that more and more now, where
we actually play the same thing. It really creates a lot of power in that moment, you
know what I mean? Instead of just two guitars playing, if one guitar and one bass
plays it, it becomes a different animal.
AW: W hat kind of strings do you use?
I' m set with Dunlop for the last couple of years.
You know the strings get changed every day so it
really doesn't make much of a difference to be quite
honest. I've tried all kinds of strings, but at the front of
house it all sounds the same.
AW: Who would your bass heroes be, if you have any?
I was inspired the most by Deep Purple in my early life, so that's number one.
Roger Glover, absolutely, and Glenn Hughes, and Cliff Williams of AC/DC. But these
are the bands I listened to, you know? 'Smoke On The Water', the way the bass came
in, you know I never forget that. The whole Rainbow and Deep Purple era - you know,
they were just cool bass-lines. That was it. I never really had any heroes, or people
I looked up to. I was in Accept, and we didn't look left or right pretty much, we just
looked forward. We had no time to find heroes to be quite honest: we were always
busy doing our stuff!
AW: W hat are your favourite Accept bass parts
throughout the band's career?
Obviously my all-time favourite is 'Balls To The
Wall', in the chorus. Then we had a song called 'Teach
Us To Survive' that was supposed to be for a Nick
Nolte movie,
The Teachers,
and that's really cool. I
played it on an eight-string bass and it's like a James
Bond kind of feeling. I like the shuffle parts, things
Blind Rage
is out now on Nuclear Blast. Info: www.acceptworldwide.com,
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