AW: Talk about the custom Warwick bass you have now.
Sure. So, they're basically Streamer basses, and then I had them modified, so I had
the neck, which is a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, it's just a normal red-
alder wood. There's nothing really special about it: I've got my EMGs in there, I have no
tone knobs, and no volume knobs because everything is on full anyway, so I just have
an on-off switch. If I wanted to I could go with a screwdriver on the back and adjust it,
but I don't.
AW: W hat kind of pickups are in it?
EMGs, I' ve had EMGs all my life. But they're hard to get. The ones on my P-Bass
are really old, you know, so I talked to the EMG guys at the NAMM show and asked
'What do you recommend? They're all dented and worn out' and they said 'Well, if it
sounds good, don't touch it' which makes sense because I don't know if the new ones
sound anywhere near that good. But Warwick really went out of their way. They took
my P-Bass apart and measured the neck, because it's so worn on the bottom it's a little
bit thinner than it is towards the top. They tried to replicate that neck to give me that
feeling. I'm happy with the sound, they made them look very nice for me. We put some
springs in there on the bottom; they're actually from radio-controlled airplanes.
AW: It's a fantastic-looking instrument.
Yeah. On the second one, we made it look a little
like Mad Max. Why not? Do something funny with it.
I'm very happy, they're very, very helpful, and they're
always there for me, whatever I need. They're just a
great company to work with. You go to the factory in
Germany and you can eat off the floor, everything is
incredibly modern and hi-tech. It's unbelievable.
AW: What's your current live setup like?
: It's totally different. Today I play on a Kemper,
and I have my SVT settings in there. We profiled
the SVT setting with a P-Bass. I have a setting in
there for when I do a guitar and bass fight with
Wolf, where the bass all of a sudden is distorted.
We don't use live cabinets that much any more.
We have in-ears: everything is digital now. It's
extremely simple.
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