In a once-in-a-liletim e meeting ot minds. Alex Webster, b assist with Cannibal Corpse, interviews
Peter Baltes, b assist of Accept. Warning: incredibly high levels of heavy metal follow.
Bass Guitar M agazine
editor Joel McIver asked me if I'd
like to do an interview with Peter Baltes in the form of a
conversation between two metal bassists, I jumped at the
chance. German metal legends Accept have been one of my
favourite bands for more than three decades, and Peter is
one of my favourite bass players, as well as an early and
enduring influence. He has been the bassist for Accept since
1978, and along with guitarist Wolf Hoffman, forms the core of the band. In a
genre where the bassist is often treated almost as an afterthought, Peter has
proven himself to be crucially important through his formidable skills as a
player, songwriter, and stage performer. Simply put, he makes an immense
impact on his band. It was truly an honour and a pleasure to speak with him, and
I'm very grateful that he took the time to share so much great information with
me. I'm sure you will be too.
Alex Webster: When did you start playing bass, and what
inspired you to do so?
Peter Baltes:
I had a good friend back in Germany and
his brother had an acoustic guitar. It was broken, so we
stole it and glued it back together. We started playing
a little bit and then we found another one. We ended
up having three guitar players, so we just picked straws
and I picked the short straw and had to play bass. It
turned out to be a blessing. I play guitar and drums, but
bass is basically my life, you know, all my life. I realised
fairly early that bass is a really cool instrument, because
you really interact with the drummer, whereas the
guitar player is kind of a standalone dude, you know.
But that's how it started.
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