Specially developed to power the Pleasure Board, the Pleasure Pump,
however, is much more than just a simple power amp An instrument
and a line in serve as inputs to the amp. a line out. a phones out with
volume control and a Speakon® connector are the outputs of the
Pleasure Pump The effective 5-band tone control section lets you
easily fine-tune the tonal characteristics
Another hiqhliqht is the cut filter workinq on the speaker output,
which cuts off the hiqh frequencies, fhus makinq the connected
Pleasure Board (or any conventional speaker cabinet! more
effective by usinq it as a pure subwoofer
P u m p s i n
Bass players usinq ln-Еаг systems on staqe suffer from lackinq punch
and sub frequencies which prevent them from controllinq their playinq
How do 1
sound out there? Am 1
always tiqht with the drummer?
can? hear myselfl Most of you miqht be familiar with this .
The Pleasure Board is the ideal subwoofer floor for staqes, studio,
rehearsal room or even bedroom.
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