While we're on the gear trail, what strings does
Pearson favour? “Since I was 16, I've only really
used SM66 Rotosounds, 40 to 100. I've played
many other strings, and some are smoother, but
the Rotosounds have a tension that no other bass
string has. They have a little bit of give in them
that really suits my playing, and when I try other
strings, they have that extra tension that doesn't
work for me. I like roundwounds and I like old
strings: I detest new strings. When I put new
strings on, our sound guy knows, because I'm
miserable for a couple of gigs until I have played
them in how I like them. Flatwounds sound
nice in the studio, but they sound too muddy
for the sharp cut-through sound I like on stage. I do like that sound, but old
roundwound strings are what make me happy. I've got an endorsement with
Rotosound now, which is great because they're the strings I have always used.”
Pearson concludes: “It amazes me that people who have been playing for 20
years still don't understand about stretching strings before you put them on
your bass. I know when I put strings on, that after the first song, and a re-tune,
they will stay as they are and not drift off again. Give 'em a good yank before
you put them on. I always carry the set I've taken off as spares, so if I break
a string, I've got ready-to-go replacements. That said, the last time I broke a
string was 1983! I always carry three sets of strings ready to hand at all times.
It's a talisman thing - if you carry two amps, the one you're using will be sure
to never go wrong.
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