As the show ends, the numbers are in and
we're told that this year's LBGS has been the most
successful ever. Sounds like the London Bass
Guitar Show is as beneficial for the exhibitors as
the attendees.
.. and with your support, long may it
continue. See you next year! ■ ■
Info:, ww w .facebook.
com/londonbassguitarshow, @bassguitarshow
Sounds like a lot of people enjoyed your
performances, Doug.
The pleasure has been all mine - it's been great,
like one long day over the whole weekend! I love
coming here, I have lots of family and friends in
town. I know London very well so it's been great
to be able to mingle with everyone, to catch up
with old friends, to see the kids coming up and to
really let loose on the playing side.
W hat are you up to next?
You've got to have fun, we all learn from
everybody, but these days I'm challenging myself
to work in situations I'm not comfortable with.
It's too easy to do something you're comfortable
with, I-IV-V until we die! You have to give
yourself the opportunity to check out other
things. You never know the difference you can
make to something by just being there.
.. Check
out my WimBash project, you'll love it!
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