had a lot of interest and favourable reactions, while
the Dr Green pedals have been going from strength
to strength. We're refining what we're doing, but it's
nice to give something back to bass players - they're
the reason for all of this” The
Korg UK
team are
delighted with the interest in their
across the whole range of amps, speakers and
combos, especially the new HD range, demonstrated
at the show and no doubt helped by Masterclass
appearances from Stu Hamm and Billy Sheehan.
Anyone in need of a new strap or gig bag is
adequately served with both
AGS Straps
Harvest Gig bags
on display, their red leather gig
bag causing quite a stir even at £250. Dave Avenius
is present at the
Barnes & Mullins
and happy to discuss everything Aguilar, including
the new Chorusaurus and the 'hot off the press'
Fuzzistor pedals. “Some people already have pedals
or pickups and are now interested in the rigs and
vice versa,” he says, “but the show gives them an
opportunity to try it all out: there's a good energy
about the show generally.”
has hotfooted it from the
Netherlands to attend the show and to extol the
virtues of his impressive cabinets, and the new
Aurora amplifier, which is making waves here in
the UK. “It's been very busy, it's my fifth time here
but now people know the products,” he says. “The
bestseller has been the 1x12 cabinets: interest in the
amp has been wonderful. I had the prototype last
year, now we have the finished product.”
How was your LBGS set?
The set was good! I ended up spending more
time than I had planned on the solo bass
suite from the new album. I hadn't changed
strings for three days beforehand, but I did
change them right before I went on, so they
felt great. I use GHS Boomers, 45 to 105.
I'm a freak when it comes to strings: I often
change the strings on my main bass during
the set, especially when I'm doing the solo
stuff. The sound and sustain that they
have is part of my overall sound, and I slide
around a lot, so I need them to be fresh.
Tell us about your signature Warwick bass.
Warwick have been on my radar for a long
time, so I went over to Markneukirchen and
checked out their facilities there, which are
really amazing. We talked about basses a
lot, and I've always taken the MI side of my
career seriously: as you may know, I was
the first person to have a signature bass, the
Urge. What I want from a bass is always
evolving, and Warwick was really passionate
about me having a signature bass, and we're
in the last stages of evolving it now. I have a
red prototype called the Cap, but we'll think
of a cool name for the production bass!
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