Steve Law son
How important is this event to the bass-playing community?
Within the UK, this is the most important event of the year. Every year
more and more known players who aren't booked to be here are showing up
just to hang out. To have this level of focus and celebration is important for
the collective psyche for bass players in Britain.
W hat inspired you to become a soloist and 'looper'?
In the bass world, almost entirely Michael Manring. Doug Wimbish was a
pivotal player for me, in terms of my development as a sonic experimenter.
He was able to take sounds generated on the bass that weren't recognisable
as bass and put them on pop records. That was a massive inspiration.
Have you ever had an FX pedal fail?
Yeah, I've had to re-patch things in the middle of songs because certain bits
of kit have gone down. I can't be using flaky stuff. It's part of what I love
about MXR pedals, they make incredibly reliable gear.
So what gear do you use?
At the moment, a lot of MXR pedals, a TC Electronic reverb, a Darkglass
overdrive, a Markbass overdrive, an Aguilar Agro.
.. I could pile up the FX
pedals. Today I demoed just how clean and flat Aguilar rigs are, which give
me a blank canvas to work from.
W hat does the rest of 2015 have in store for you?
I have a tour coming up with Jonas Hellborg in the UK in September and
October. I also have a three-album set with drummer Andy Edwards and
keyboard player Jem Godfrey. We recorded our first show together and it's
a triple album set, coming out soon.
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