playability, you can head straight for
Enfield Guitars
and the company's owner Martin Sims.
Bass Direct
and its head honcho Mark Stickley is doing good
business too, thanks to a range of essential basses
and accessories.
Strings? The LBGS has them covered, with expert
advice on offer from
(featuring a
jam by Yolanda Charles and other show stalwarts)
and the aforementioned Rotosound, whose new, eco-
friendly, string-preserving packaging is attracting
much attention. Education?
is taking questions.
Books? Stu Clayton and his
Bassline Publishing
company are shifting copies of essential bass tomes,
as is
Jon Liebman
, owner of the For Bass Players
Only website and author of acclaimed books on the
subject of the low end.
How's the LBGS been for you?
This has been truly amazing! I didn't know what
to expect, so I was a little bit nervous because I
didn't know what would happen, but it's been so
much fun! I've been taken care of incredibly well
hanging out with the bass players and making
friends, meeting new people. Honestly, there are
quite a few female bass players here which was
really refreshing to see. Sometimes you're the
only girl and it's not so much fun, but the calibre
of the girls.
.. yes, yes, yes!
What's next for you?
I've just finished 14 shows in 17 days in Europe
and the LBGS has rounded the trip off perfectly.
I'll be attending the Warwick Bass Camp in
late August and early September as well as the
Ladies' Bass Camp, both at Warwick HQ in
Markneukirchen, Germany, in May. I'll also be
part of a two-week clinic tour through Europe
with Stu Hamm and Ove Bosch in June. Thank
you for having me, the whole weekend has been
so much fun. Bass players unite!
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