Sheehan's signing sessions at the Rotosound stand,
we quickly check out the
Porter & Davies
Platform being ably demonstrated by Dave Swift,
who declares he now won't use in-ear monitoring
with one. It's a monster: check it out!
Strings and Things
' general manager Andy Cocklin
tells us, “We've got the new
Ernie Ball
Music Man
amps and cabs, which are reissues of the originals but
manufactured with lightweight components. We've
also got the first Music Man Stingrays with thru-
necks, and Ernie Ball's first venture into flatwound
strings with a cobalt wrap. The other exciting thing
we have this year is
's new Super Bright steel
bass strings, which has received a great response
from a lot of players.”
Alan Cringean of
is showing off a range
of beautiful, hand-crafted basses, while fans of
bespoke high-level instruments are also in for a
treat at the
Ellio M artina
stands (the last of these hitting 40 years
in business this year.
.. congrats!).
is here too,
rocking Jeff Berlin's ace new
five. If it's high-
quality craftsmanship from a trusted name you're
after, they don't come much more trusted than
Bernie Goodfellow of
and John East of
East UK
and of course if your taste tends towards futuristic
materials and technology wrapped around superb
W hat does bass mean to you, and who do you consider as a key influence?
I liked physical feeling in your guts. For me, it wasn't a musical
instrument, it was the power of the universe. I saw Aston 'Family Man'
Barrett play at the Lyceum in 1975 with Bob Marley. That was one of the
big moments.
W hat can you tell me about your first bass?
It was a cheap Music Man copy, with a ridiculously high action. It was
like learning to drive in an old Ford Anglia with a half-broken clutch.
My next bass was like getting into a brand new Ford Capri - a nice low-
action Fender Precision.
W hat gear are you using these days?
The normal rig is what they call the Big Bastard. It's an Ashdown, about
1000 watts, two big 15-inch cabs. It was a marriage made in heaven.
You've got a six-CD box set called ReDux coming out on 30 Hertz
Records in May, right?
It's a greatest hits on one disc, with four more discs themed around dub
and world music, ambient and spoken word stuff and jazz. It also comes
with a new album of cover versions. It's natural for people from one
continent to try the food of another, and it's the same with music. I'm
just another bloke who wondered what it'd be like to make a track with
some Moroccan drums and heavy dub bass. We just merged this stuff.
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