Were you at the London B ass Guitar Show back in March? It so, you were part of the most successful LBGS
ever. Mike Brooks and Dave Clarke played the gear, met the stars and survived to tell this tale.
------------------------------- ■ Pics: Eckie ■--------------------------------
ou want a busy bass event? We'll show you a busy bass
.. “It's like Piccadilly Circus out there!”
, observes the
great Jah Wobble, shortly after delivering his masterclass on
the Saturday of the London Bass Guitar Show 2015. He's not
wrong. It's absolutely packed, with hundreds of people
descending on Olympia to absorb the latest and greatest from
the world of bass.
So what's new this year? First up, here's George Martin from
Thomas Martin
Williamscot Bass
, whose team are building electric and double basses
before our eyes. As he explains, they chose the LBGS to launch their first range
of handmade electric bass guitars. “It's very exciting for us, as it's the first time
they have ever been seen, and this is the perfect place to present them,” he says.
Indicating a wonderful selection of their upright basses, George said, “I've also
been delighted at the interest in the uprights, not to mention how many people
have been playing them.”
Steve Sukop of
Sukop Basses
from Santa Fe, New Mexico, is at the LBGS for
the first time. Sukop says, “I've brought two pieces to the show; the Sukop Classic
five-string and my state-of-the-art six-string, with single-cut hybrid buckeye
burl face, ebony board, split block pearl inlays, an alder back, and the new NTMB
3-band Bartolini pickups. It's been great for people who have heard of my basses to
actually play them: the reaction has been amazing.”
After negotiating the human traffic jam created by Mark King and Billy
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