So after all these years, has McKeegan evolved as a bass player? “I think so,”
he says. “We tour a lot and I get to play with great musicians, plus Andy is a
great bass player too - he actually started out playing bass. We have a good
dialogue between us so it's an open forum. The other guys have both got really
good musical minds. What we all share is the belief that sometimes you need
to not overthink it, and just play something dumb and exciting, and lose your
insecurities! If you focus too much on technique, it just won't work.”
Now that the music industry is on its knees, does McKeegan know what he'd
do if Therapy? ever decided to call it a day? After all, his monthly column in
this hallowed magazine wouldn't suffice for a life of luxury. “I'd definitely do
something with music,” he nods, “but I've never produced a record, so I don't
know if I'd be a producer. We've worked with some great producers, but also
with some terrible ones who don't understand the band and therefore don't
know how to get the best out of them. I really
don't know what I'd do, to be honest. We came up
at a time when bands had the luxury of a music
business when you could sell records, and we
have a fanbase who liked a physical product. Do
you give your album away for free? Do you give it
away with a meat pie?”
A valid point. Fortunately Therapy? is going from
strength to strength: the new album is proof of that.
Listen and learn! ■ ■
is out now on Amazing Record Co. Info:
ГП ш Т | | | | Т Я ]
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