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My bass style is fuzzy and minimal. I started playing bass when
Fever Dream formed, so my style developed along with the band's
sound. I often end up creating quite melodic bass lines that cut
through the guitar. I do not slap. My guitarist won't let me get
funky. I was on the way to rehearsal one day, and stopped off at
the shops on the way. A customer in the shop saw I was carrying
a bass and began to attempt to teach me in an 'air guitar' style
manner how to play slap. I said thanks, and backed out of the
shop slowly. True story. The secret of playing bass well is being
inventive within your ability. It's not about being the best player
in the world, for me it's about ideas, and creating something
that's a bit unusual. It also helps when you're playing with a tight
and creative drummer! My first bass was and is a Squier Fender
Precison. It's not what you play: it's how you play it. I'm not in
any way a technical player. But I do love my fuzz pedal for that
extra punch. My bass hero is Adam Miller from the band T.O.Y.S.
He has a very distinctive fuzzy style and always one-ups me
with his solid, catchy bass-lines. He is also one of the loveliest
people you'll ever meet. The greatest bass player that ever lived
is Kim Gordon. She just oozes cool, and there's a subtlety to her
playing at times that could go unnoticed but is kind of crazy,
the kind of playing that makes you think - how did she come
up with that? We're releasing our debut album
M oym oya
on 27
April through Club AC30. And we're off touring the UK with our
friends Tigercats in March and April.
I slap since I saw Larry Graham for
the first time on a BBC
Rock School
programme back in 1980. The secret
of playing bass well is being the glue
between the guitar player and the drums.
Study drum patterns. My first bass was
a Fender Music Master short-scale when
I was eight years old. My favourite bass
ever to date is my 1967 Fender Jazz. My
bass heroes are Jaco, Stanley, Marcus,
Larry Graham, Doug Wimbish, Geddy
Lee, Steve Harris, Stu Hamm and Dutch
bass hero Herman Deinum. If I could get
the bass tone of any album ever released,
I would choose Marcus Miller's
The Sun
Don't Lie.
His sound on that album still
blows me away every time I hear it,
so beautiful. Don't listen too much to
other bass players and stop copying all
the other guys. One Jaco and Marcus is
enough! Listen to Charlie Parker, Miles
Davis, John Coltrane, the piano player
Eric Satie, Ravi Shankar, Philip Glass,
Rachmaninov and Bach. In April we start
Behind The Red M irror
world tour. I
can't wait!
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