BASSES S p e c te r 5L
A m pe g SVT
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W hen I play with Lifers my style is very aggressive and powerful
due to the lower tuning of the bass guitar and chords, in addition
to the setting of the equaliser of the amplifier and the use of some
effects as well. All these combination create an incredible sound.
Playing with Fly On, which is a Coldplay tribute act and requires
a different bass style, permits me to play a more soft sound,
searching for precision. I use a five-string bass for metal music
because I can use lower notes to reach a more powerful sound. I
think a bassist should play every day as much as possible in order
to become confident with the instrument, and then he or she
should try to play every kind of music possible. My first bass was
my first bass was a Fender Squier Precision, and my favourite bass
ever to date is the Spector 5LX.
My favourite bass players for sound, technique and attitude are
Rex Brown, Jason Newsted and David Ellefson. In particular Rex
Brown has inspired me. If I could get the bass tone of any album
ever released, I would choose
Far Beyond Driven
by Pantera. On
that album they created a clean, defined mix of sounds, and at the
same time extremely powerful. + search for Fly On and Lifers
I would describe my bass style as varied, hopefully tight and not
restricted by other people's idea of 'cool'. I do not play five- or
six-string bass. It's an entirely different sport. I've seen it
done so well by others, but when I've enjoyed listening it's
been when people are almost using it as a completely different
instrument, which I think it is. I tried it once but found it hard
to get past the fact that the lowest string wasn't an E and I didn't
like the closer spacing between the strings. Don't be a snob by
mindlessly following genres that you think are 'cool'. Don't be
scared or fooled by 'cool' people not to try things that may be
deemed 'uncool'. Use as many or few strings as you want. Use
a pick or play with fingers or thumbs. Use fretted or fretless.
Be melodic or just nail roots. Be tight or loose. Do it all but
always remember to serve the song. My first bass was a fretless
Westone Thunder 1A, but I'd already been dicking around on a
mate's Kay Rickenbacker copy for a good year before that. My
favourite bass ever to date was my ex-girlfriend's Fender Jazz. I
think it was a 70s one. I also have a soft spot for my Wal fretless.
Uncool apparently, but screw the naysayers, I say. Our band,
the Dowling Poole, has a new album coming out called
a single called 'The Sun Is Mine', a series of intimate
gigs and plans for more gigs and recording.
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