The NAMM Foundation will be inducting
the renowned bassist Nathan East into the
NAM M T E C Aw ards Hall of Fam e in January at
the annual winter event in Anaheim , California.
A s readers will know, East has worked with
m usicians from Daft Punk, Eric Clapton, George
Harrison, Beyonc^, Phil Collins and Michael
Jackson to Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, over
more than 2000 recordings. The NAM M T E C Aw ards w ere created (it says here) to recognise
the individuals, com panies and technical innovations behind the sound of recordings, live
performances, film s, television, video gam es, and other media. Congrats to Nathan, w ho will be
appearing on our cover in the spring.
T h o m a s and G eo rge M artin V io lin M akers is lo o k in g to re cru it a ba ss
g u ita r luthier.
Thomas and George Martin Violin Makers is a family-run business based in Oxfordshire.
Thomas started making basses 30 years ago, producing 150 instruments independently
before beginning to work with his son, George, and eventually changing the label inside
each bass to reflect this. With 12 years of experience making basses, George expanded
the business and now
employs eight people.
"We produce around
40 to 50 new double
basses a year," says
George. "We also carry
out a huge number
of highly detailed
restoration projects
as well as set up and
repair work. Many
of the world's top
bass players use our
instruments and come
to us for adjustments
and set up work. Rather
than use CNC machines, all our basses are handmade"
Wishing to explore a new avenue of growth, George knew that three of his workers
played guitar and began to research the potential of branching out into this sister
market. "We have a huge supply of beautiful wood and a workshop equipped with
every tool you could need to produce amazing bass guitars. We feel that with our
expertise we could offer bass guitars made to an exceptional standard, taking custom
bass-making to another level"
"Making bass guitars seems like a natural progression and is something that the
whole team is really excited about"
The career of the late Dee Dee Ramone,
born D o u glas Colvin, is being celebrated
with a Fender Signature Precision and
a photo exhibition devoted to him at
the Hotel C h elsea Storefront G allery
at 222 W e st 23rd Street in N ew York
C ity from 10 D ecem ber to 1 January.
The launch of this exhibit will include a
preview of the Fender, plus D ee Dee's art,
w ritin gs fashion s and iconic photographs.
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