Alan Mair, bassist with the Only Ones,
re le a ses h is debut solo sin g le 'Four
W in d s' on D ecem ber 19. Alan's first group,
the Beatstalkers, w ere once hailed as
'Sco tland's first boy band', and sin ce his
early years a s a b a ssist he's am a sse d a
m ighty store of an ecd otes. O ne of these
includes an o ccasio n at Alan's boot shop
in Kensington m arket in London, w hen
Alan gave David Bow ie a pair of boots he
couldn't afford and had his shop m anager
Freddy M ercury fit them for him. You don't
se e that every day, eh?
The London Bass Guitar Show, in association with this hallowed magazine, is delighted to
announce w orld-class b a ss perform ances from
Billy Sheehan
Lee Rocker
. W hat m ore can
be said about these am azing b a ss players that readers don't know already? Billy has earned his
place at the top of the rock b a ss tree w ith d ecad es of extraordinary technique dem onstrations
on record, on sta ge and in instructional videos, w hile Lee is the rockabilly king thanks to his
pioneering double b ass w ork with the Stray Cats. Together w ith the previously-announced
perform ers
Mark King
Divinity Roxx
, the L B G S is shaping up to be the b a ss event of the
year - yet again! In other new s, w e're delighted to w elco m e
International and their
line of b a sse s, plus M idlands b a ss dealers extraordinaire
Bass Direct,
and the m ighty
to the show . There are plenty m ore artists and exhibitors to be confirm ed as sh o w tim e
approaches, so keep checking in for updates at w w w .lo nd onb assguitarsho w .com ,
w w w w .faceb oo m /lon do nbassgu itarshow and @ bassguitarshow .
S e e you there!
Martin Sim s of Sim s Custom and Enfield Guitars writes: "This November, Sim s Custom
o fficially turned 20 ye ars old. I rem em b er driving to our very first m u sic sh o w w ith m y w ife
Nicola: there w a s a lot to take in and g e t to grip s w ith, as w e had no idea of w hat to expect.
I had been fitting L E D s to b a ss fingerbo ard s through the night to have so m e th in g to sh o w
people, but the days w en t by and no one called for quite so m e tim e. O ne day, to m y total
surp rise, a b a ss arrived w ith a note askin g m e to fit L E D s to it: after duly fitting said L E D s
and se n d in g the b a ss back to the custom er, I called him up. "H i! Ju s t checking h o w you're
getting on w ith your n e w L E D s ? " Holding m y breath, I heard the w o rd s, "Yeah, fine. I've got
another one for y o u !" and so it w en t on. O ur first m agazine sh o o t w ith
m agazine
follow ed, w h e re R oger N ew all, d epu ty editor of said m ag, w ro te a lovely article. From the
very day that issu e w en t on sa le in W H Sm ith s I've been w orking w ith gu itars and b a sse s.
A big thank you to Paul Railton for kickstartin g a b u sin e ss w ith h is un dying belief, R oger
New all for prom oting a b u sin e ss w ith his fine w o rd s, and m y w ife Nicola for keeping a
b u sin e ss go ing over all this tim e !"
0 0 6
b a s s g u
t a r m a g a z i n e
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