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ISass Gu itar Luthier and Workshop Manager Required
We are looking tor a bass guitar juthlcf and workshop manager for
our tamuy-run business bnsed in Oxfordshire as we launch into The
bass guitar market.
ЛИ of our double basses .ire m ill1
handmade to rhe highest stand
aras using the finest irtatc rials available .md we have
hi mastic
re p u ta tio n
VVc're about to launch iotq the bass guitar marker and will! be
applying the same ttandaftjU and quality to produce a new line o f the
finest bass guitars
We re looking for л motivated individu
j I
to help uh launch anil
expand. Applicants must have л full knowk'-dge of the manufactur-
ing process in eluding, design, making, electronics :liid
i t l
This is an excel lent opportumrv lor someone looking lor resiionsibil
lev, ereativiiу and со le*d this exciting project in an already estab-
lis h e d bans co m p a n y w ith re al p e d ig re e
I s I his your
Then contact George on 07990 690 505 or
rcorectf^thoma for more information
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