w hich - w hen used in conjunction
w ith the auxiliary input next to it,
allow s you to play along to so n g s
you need to rehearse w hen the
kids are in bed.
Th e Sp eako n cab le
co n n e ctio n s ca u g h t m e by
su rp rise , and I had to rush out
and buy one for th is review ,
but it e n su re s a nice tight
co n n e ctio n o n ce scre w e d into
place. You can drive m ore than
o ne cab in et off the head too,
a s long as you g e t the loads
right (four o h m s m inim um ), and
th ere's a balanced E Q o utput for
D I-in g to PA or d e sk, co m p lete
w ith a handy pre/post E Q
sw itch . A s w ell a s pre/post EQ ,
th is sw itch d e term in es w heth er
your sign al is lifted pre/post
To nePrin t effect as w ell.
O ne last feature that w as
o b vio u sly not put to the test
during the review trial, but could
save you a lot of m on ey one
day, is the autom atic protection
m ode. If the am p o verh eats, or
sho rt circu its, the sp eaker output
m u tes autom atically to m in im ise
cab in et dam age, but the balanced output still p a sse s audio, so the
sh o w can go on. If only every am p I'd had over the years had been
thus equipped.
The B H 8 0 0 w a s run - rather ruthlessly, I should add - through
both Hartke and A m p e g cab s. For such a dinky unit it's aw e so m e ly
pow erful, and really m o ves so m e se rio u s air for such a sm all head;
you stan d in front of your cab w h e n it's b ein g a ssa u lte d by th is little
beast, and the sou nd is a physical p rese n ce slam m in g a ga in st the
back o f your knees. Th ere's also an 'intelligen t' E Q sy ste m , w hich the
technical bo ds a ssu re m e do e sn 't ju st bo ost one freq u en cy w hen you
turn a knob, but several, actively co nto urin g your sound.
Now , to this old philistine, that co u ld be a great line in sn ake oil, but
w hatever the scie n ce behind it, the head so u n d s sw e e t and rounded,
and the E Q is both sm oo th and subtle. I w a s able to tease both a
d e licio u sly deep and dirty dub tone and a sharp attacking p e rcu ssive
vibe w ith ju st a fe w m inor ad ju stm e n ts, and the 'hi' and 'lo' mid
o ptio ns add extra versatility. W ith so m e tim e invested in its m yriad
intricacies, this little box w ill rew ard you for your trouble. Th ere's a
peak w arning indicator by the gain control w hich lets you know w hen
your signal sta rts clipping, so you can easily tw e a k the m aster volum e
and gain to g e t m axim um db w ith m inim um distortion.
.. or vice versa,
if you're a grind head.
D espite being sm all and light enough to hoist w ith ju st your little
finger, the B H 8 00 still m anages to feel robust enough to throw at your
drum m er w hen he drops his um pteenth stick during the first son g of
your se t - and it so u n d s great. You see, size really isn't everything,
and big things often co m e in
sm all packages. Feel free to add
w hatever other cliched platitudes
you like here - they're all true! ■
I £499
I V ” jack
I 800 w atts
I 4 ohm minimum load
| Bass, Lo Mid, Hi Mid,
Treble, Gain, M aster Volume, 2 x Tone
Print effect slots
| 11” x 9.5” x 2 ”
| 3kg
| Seriously, w hat's not to like w ith
an amp this robust and this light, that
sounds this good, for such a paltry price?
| W atch you don't vibrate it
straight o ff the top of your cab and into
next week
| The downloadable
TonePrints are a neat idea. This is
some seriously powerful circuitry for
your dollar
0 5 2
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