TC Electronic
esig n e d in D enm ark,
m anufactured in Thailand,
and w eig h in g in at ju st
three kilogram m es,
this tiny b a ss head
se e m s like any b a ssist's
chiropractic fantasy. D espite
its sm all m a ss, it's a stu rdy lil'
m ofo, w ith a m etal ch a ssis and a
brushed red, an odised alum inium
front plate, that is not only alm o st
indestructib le but understated
and c la ssy at the sa m e tim e.
Th ere are rack m ount-style
h a n d les on the front - not that
you'll ever need to grab hold of
it w ith tw o hands, of co u rse -
and it is equipped w ith big, fat,
liber-chunky rubber feet m ore
befitting Godzilla than G odzuki.
Bew are, though! D esp ite those
im p re ssive plates o f m eat, this
head is so incredibly light, it's
in danger o f being vibrated off
so m e u n su sp e ctin g c a b s, for
the trial se ssio n s, I had to put a co at on top of the sp eaker to sto p the
head co m m itting hara-kiri. A ctually it's so solidly co n stru cted , I w ager
it w ould bounce back up and ju st keep on rocking, but I didn't w ant to
put that theory to the test.
It's rather handy to have a tuner built in, and it's extrem ely accurate
too, o n ce you develo p the right se n sitivity and g e t used to lighting
the tw o green L E D s . Th e B H 8 0 0 's tuner h a s a freq u en cy ran ge for
up to s ix strin gs, and it's alw ays on, w hich m akes for a pretty light
d isp lay during your set, so you can keep an eye on th o se open string
tunings as you play too. Th ere's a m ute sw itch for w hen you w ant to
actually tune yo u rse lf up b etw een so n g s w ith out annoying everybody,
too. Bizarrely, they only put five string indicators on the panel (there's
plenty o f room for six), so if yo u 're tuning C , you'll need to light up D
and G together.
The so u n d s direct from the am p are m ore than w orth your dollar,
but there are so m e do w nloadable effect options too, w hich open up
hu ndred s o f n e w aven u es regarding tone. T h e se are really useful if
you're a jobbing m usician sw ap p in g betw een bands of co ntrasting
sty le s, and should save so m e room in your kit bag w h en it co m e s to
pedals. W hile so m e m ight find the pre-loaded e ffects sligh tly naff, you
can dow nload all so rts of rather rad TonePrint e ffects endo rsed by the
likes of Duff M cK agan , Nathan E a st and Victor W ooten. W ith the free-
o f-charge TonePrint app you can dow nload them to your sm artpho ne
and straight into the am p, or via
the U S B port in the rear, w hich
can also be used for upgrading
the head's internal softw are,
should the need arise.
There's a sw itch to toggle
betw een the tw o effect channels,
and there are tw o TonePrint dials,
so you can ch o o se h o w m uch or
little of your cho sen effect you
dial in: th ese act as a w et/dry
m ix control for m o st m odulation
effects, but also control depth
of chorus or sp e e d of vibrato
on others. Th e techn olo gy is
pretty intuitive, and it all se e m s
sim ple enough to use, and it's a
rather sa u cy co ncep t to be able
to co nstan tly cu sto m ise your
am p w henever the m ood takes
you. T h ese effects can also be
controlled by pedal, if you care
to hook one up w ith the jack
so cket in the rear. There's also a
headphones/speaker m ute output,
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