A s for
own best m om ents of the year? W ell, w e got up close and personal with
Ja ck Bruce, John Taylor, Jeff Berlin, Lee Sklar, Roger Glover, Frank Bello, Steve Law son,
M o Foster, Colin Edw in, Lorenzo Feliciati, Paul Turner, Freekbass, Duff M cKagan, M alcolm
Jo seph, Igor Saavedra, Shane Embury, Fieldy, Steve DiGiorgio, Laurence Cottle, Michael
League, Paul Sum m erlin, Nicky W ire, Les Claypool, Tina W eym outh, Jared Followill, Glenn
H ughes, M ark King, Jo n Thorne, Kip W inger, Guy Pratt, Jon M yung, A n dy Irvine, Jo nas
Hellborg, Scott Shriner, Craig A dam s, Je ff Walker, Nick O'M alley, Chris Squire, Tony Levin,
Pete Agnew , Robert Trujillo, Stu Ham m , Pete Way, A lex W ebster, Je ff Berlin, Carol Kaye,
Dave Pegg, Danny Thom pson, Robert DeLeo, Jah W obble, Billy Sheehan, Paula Gardiner,
Troy Sanders, Ida Nielsen, Nick Sim per and Paz Lenchantin.
.. and that's just the bigger
features, without even going near m ost of the one-pagers or the Bassically Speaking
archive. That represents a pretty fine year in bass if you ask us. Oh, and w e also visited
Cort, T C Electronic, the W arw ick Bass Cam p, the Frankfurt M usikm esse, the winter and
sum m er NAM M Sh o w s and the country's finest bass m akers and dealers. And let's not
Bass Guitar Magazine Presents.
.. The Ultimate Bass Guide,
the ace bookazine which
distilled a ton of bass w isdom into a tasty one-stop tome. Don't thank us; it's w hat w e do.
So w ho w ins the Bill Nash PB-57 bass, which w e prom ised to the coolest answ er to our
question about the best bass-related event of the year? Patience, grasshopper: entries are
still flooding in. All will be revealed in our next issue. Until then, thank you for your support
this year - w e wouldn't be here without you.
The Scribes Speak!
BGM's writers nominate their best bass-centric
moment of 2014
Joel McIver
"Hanging with Bill Gould of Faith No More
at Sonisphere. Fanboy? Moi?"
Stewart McKinsey
"This year I discovered not just how
many of my heroes I know, but how many have become
great friends - and that is very humbling."
Duff Battye
"My bass moment of 2014 was interviewing
Roger Glover for
Bass Guitar Magazine.
A legend of
bass playing, but so humble."
Phil Mann
"Becoming part of the tutoring faculty at the
Players School Of Music in Florida - very proud!"
Dave Clarke
"Discussing the genius of Chic's Bernard
Edwards during my interview with Duran Duran's John
Taylor at the 2014 London Bass Guitar Show."
Mike Flynn
"Playing the Love Supreme Jazz Festival
with my funk-fusion band J-Sonics - the audience
completely loved it, and so did many cynical music
industry friends in the crowd, who in spite of themselves
didn't have a bad thing to say about it!"
Gary 'Biscuit' Bennett
"Becoming a columnist for
Guitar Magazine.
no contest."
Mike Brooks
"Acquiring my first Alembic bass and
meeting a myriad of idols, enjoying their company and
getting some great interviews in the process."
David Etheridge
"Chatting on radio with jazz bass
legend Ron Matthewson. A lovely guy with so much
knowledge and so many reminiscences."
Stuart Clayton
"Buying a 1972 Fender Jazz: an amazing
instrument that I haven't put down since buying it!"
Paul Geary
"Gigging in Tokyo and meeting Stanley Clarke,
who had a show at the same venue the night before."
Ellen O'Reilly
"Interviewing John Myung and talking
about Rush like a pair of true prog fans!"
Joe Daly
"Spending a day driving through the California
desert with Acey Slade of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts,
photographing abandoned buildings, talking bass gear,
swapping war stories and dissecting all things music."
Ben Cooper
"Getting the chance to interview Kip
Winger for the magazine, and then meeting him in
person at a gig in Bristol!"
Franc O'Shea
"March 2014, in Brighton looking out on
to landscaped gardens, Regency buildings and the sun
glistening on the sea in the background, with Lee Sklar.
There were just the two of us standing there, and he
was silent for a moment before taking a deep breath of
the fresh air and saying to me in wonder, 'Wow! This
place is beautiful'. It was a quiet and special moment in
his hectic schedule."
More Readers Respond!
Rosie Eaglen
"Realising that at the age of
66 I'm not too old to learn to play the bass."
Paul Lacey
"After years of plinking away
on a six-string, I bought a bass and sat
down and learned to play it properly."
Norman Strong
"Trying out the Ampeg
Heritage BN15 for the first time, it totally
blew me away."
Ant Wellman
"The news that there was
to be a long overdue Jaco Pastorius
movie, lovingly crafted and bankrolled by
Robert Trujillo."
Frankie Gibson
"Discovered the wonder
that is Jaco."
Patrick Lacey
"Deciding to give up on
guitar and concentrate on bass. My chops
have come on 100%."
Mark Winter
"My mate Dave gave me back
a bass I sold to him 14 years ago. It feels like
being reunited with an old friend."
Zachary Dunne
"I bought my first bass, an
Ibanez GIO Soundgear GSR 200."
Trev Campbell-Smith
"Restarting playing
following a 15-year hiatus."
Antonio Cagnazzo
"Bass Guitar Magazine's
100th issue! What else?"
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