hat's that noise outside the
com m and bunker? It's the sound of
an exhausted postm an collapsing to
the ground under the w eight of
responses to our question a while
back about the best bass-centric
happening of the year. You responded
in droves, from as far afield as Canada, the U SA, Hong
Kong and all over Europe. So m e of your answ ers were
funny; som e of them w ere serious; m any of them m ade us
punch the air in glee - and they all dem onstrated, one more
time, w hat a great thing it is to be a bass player. W e've
collated a few of them below.
.. w hat a year it's been!
A n dy Leam an w rites: "2014 for m e so far has been
absolutely am azing for bass - so much so I couldn't narrow
it down to one single event. It started in April w hen I had
the pleasure of seeing
very own Michael M cKeegan
on the Therapy? tour, then in M ay to se e the one and only
Prince with the added bonus of Ida Nielsen of 3rd Eye Girl.
In the sam e month I fulfilled one of m y bass dream s of
being up close and personal with Stu Ham m at one of his
clinics. The main event of the year w as the Sonisphere
festival. To se e and hear the likes of bassist extraordinaire Billy Sheehan of the W inery
D ogs, Frank Bello of Anthrax, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Tom Araya of Slayer, John
M yung of Dream Theater and the aw esom e Rob Trujillo of Metallica w as alm ost too much
bass for anybody to take in"
A lot of you m et your bass heroes this year, it seem s. D erek Boon writes: "I met,
chatted and had m y picture taken with TM Steven s at the London B ass Guitar Show.
W hat a lovely, m odest man - a real pleasure to m eet him. I also bum ped into Bernie
G oodfellow at the show , w ho I had not seen for a couple of years: w e talked about m y
ideas for a Super Spitfire Bass. Bernie liked m y ideas and agreed to build a b a ss for me. I
received it in Ju n e and it's everything I hoped for and is a thing of real beauty. That day in
March w as special for m e"
Maxwell Brown adds: "M y favourite bass m om ent of 2014 w as m eeting Nathan East at
a meet-and-greet in Berlin. A s well as being a great player, his enthusiasm w as infectious.
He seem ed like a genuinely good guy and I got a kick out of the w hole event" More East
appreciation co m es from Paul Adam s, w ho says: "Nathan East's Yamaha/TC Electronic clinic
w as a rare chance to see and talk to an absolute legend in an intimate setting. He also has
the best bass player solo album for a w hile"
Em ily Gibson tells us, "I got to m eet and shake the hand of Geezer Butler at a Black
Sabbath gig. W hat a legend" Peter Grey says, "Getting to m eet Pete W entz at Download.
W hat a nice guy',' and Christopher M cG uinness reports, "It has to be the London Bass
Guitar Sh o w in 2014. I w as lucky enough to m eet one of m y bass heroes, Lee Sklar. It w as
m y first ever m usic show, and as if that w asn't enough, I bought m y first nice bass - a
M usic Man Stingray"
Talking of first basses, nice or otherw ise, a w hole bunch of you stepped into bass-world
for the very first tim e this year. "2014 w as the year that I becam e a bass player," says
Jo shua Meyer. "I have played on and off m y w hole life and never took it seriously, but this
year, I began devoting all of m y free tim e to learning to play bass as a true m usician, not just
learning songs. It has been an awakening for me. So m y favourite bass event for 2014 w as
w hen playing bass becam e part of m y so u l"
Aaron Muirhead explains, "I got m y first bass in February and I haven't looked back since!
I love every second I'm playing m y bass and now I'm looking to study m usic at college, all
because of m y bass. The bass has changed m y life forever and I can't wait to se e w here it
gets m e in the future" That's the attitude w e like.
W e gave ourselves a pat on the back after reading Oliver Edm onds' story. A s he says:
"Recently, I w as playing a gig and I put m y Fender down for five m inutes to go off and
have a drink. I returned to find it had been stolen. O f course I w as absolutely distraught,
but m ade an enquiry about it to the police. Two w eeks later m y bass w as identified by m y
signature and phone number on the back and returned to m e in one piece. Thank you guys
so much for bringing up the use of UV pens to sign your bass in your
Ultimate Bass Guide.
This w as m y greatest bass event of 2014, and I can't thank you guys enough for it"
A s all bass players know, m usic has the power to heal old wounds. After overcoming
significant personal trauma this year, Luke Renton writes: "For the first time in m y bass-playing
career I can pick up m y bass, just to play, create, enjoy and feel complete." Well done, that man.
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