_ _
w o rsh ip , givin g up d ish o n o u rs your fam ily.
That's w hy you find Jap an ese soldiers in the
jungle 40 years after W orld W ar II finished,
and they adm ire marathon races for the sam e
reason: it doesn't matter if you co m e last, just
don't give up"
He continues: "It's a useful focus, especially
w hen you're in a rock'n'roll band, but in any
w alk of life. It allow s m e to be m yself and just
be honest and not have to hide behind an
im age or anything. So you stay loyal, keep
the sam urai spirit, improve your character,
be polite to others, train your mind and
body, live in a sim ple w ay - in other w ords,
don't be ostentatious - love all mankind,
respect providence, and don't go looking
for trouble"
Surely heading to Japan for a month
of martial arts is looking for trouble, w e
quip? "W ell, I don't know if I'll actually
be fightin g" he replies. "I'm training
for a month with m y master. But if he
w ants m e to go for another grade,
then yeah. If it involves fighting, then
fair enough - I've done enough of
that in m y tim e!" ■ ■
The Stranglers w ill be touring the
UK throughout March.
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