got into bass to meet girls. Then I got into jazz and ruined the whole plan.
.. It might be a
silly joke, but at least I got into bass. It's the best thing that I ever did. Being a bass player
allowed me to travel the world. My career as a bass player has put me on a permanent
vacation for 40 years. I've played bass in concerts on tops of mountains, in theatres
built by Greek architects 2000 years ago, next to tropical oceans, near active volcanos, in
castles, pubs, parking lots and palaces. I once played on the Asian continent, and then took
a boat to return to my hotel in Europe. I've been paid a lot of money and I've been ripped off
more than once. Some of the best musicians in the world have given me permission to record
with them. I'm known for fusion, but you've also heard me on rock and pop music whose names
I was sworn never to mention by the producers that hired me. (And I never will. My word is my
contract and their regular bass players wouldn't like it.) My bass playing has been heard by
royalty, politicians, actors, and I have dined on some of the best cuisine in the world.
I've filled up several US passports with visas and entry stamps. I've been on a
gazillion airplanes, taxis, limos, boats and vans, and slept in some of the most
luxurious hotels in the world. Almost everyone I have met over the years has
been wonderful, kind, honest, and into music as much I am.
This guide might offer a little advice for you to join me in this industry.
Bass Guitar Magazine
has compiled a bunch of columns, bass reviews
and artist interviews for you in the ultimate bass guitar resource. In
these pages you will discover stories, like mine, that will inspire
you to pursue this great and strange career. Certainly you will be
enlightened, entertained, and maybe a little outraged.
Enjoy this compendium, and remember that all professional
musicians share my experiences, and then some. Maybe you
can extract a few bits of information to guide you toward a
similar experience as mine has been. Enjoy this bookazine
and remember that music is something that you have to
work for. Everything great is!
J e
f f B e iH /i
Florida, 2014
PS I did meet some pretty nice girls over the years. Even a funny
looking guy like me has some pretty amazing stories
to share when I get a couple of pints
in me.
0 0 3
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